Case Study

Lince Salisbury

Lince Salisbury use their knowledge and expertise in accounting, Guernsey tax and company law, to make their clients’ lives easier. Helping individuals with tax requirements, sole traders with trading statements, and organisations with accounting systems and reports.

With over 60 years as an established Chartered Accountancy practice, Lince Salisbury’s future is in the cloud; utilising strong networks with cloud-based accounting solutions, integrations and add-ons. And they’re passionate about it too – as are we!

The Challenge

Insight & Transparency

Lince Salisbury and Avenue Trust felt the lack of insight and transparency in their current IT provision was holding them back from delivering the service they really wanted to. With a reactive rather than proactive approach to IT support and no road map for the future of their IT estate, staff regularly complained about the poor resilience and performance of the current system, leading to team frustrations. Meanwhile, senior management found themselves spending time researching and sourcing the right technology, instead of driving the business forward.

The Solution

"A breath of fresh air"

Within two weeks of taking on Lince Salisbury and Avenue Trust as a client, we had on-boarded them onto all of our systems, security patched all of their devices with transparent reporting, upgraded their line speed & resilience, created a clear and budgeted road map with medium term goals for the next three years and progressed through a large backlog of persistent technical headaches.

Since then we have resolved and improved their situation around their Microsoft licences, cemented their IT costs with our fixed-fee Platinum PLUS service and given them access to our team of experienced and qualified security professionals through our vCISO service.

“Why didn’t we move earlier?”

  • Managed IT Services
  • vCISO
  • Microsoft 365


  • Proactive IT support
  • Improved security and resilience
  • Clear & budgeted roadmap
  • Upgraded network & systems
"We’ve found you a breath of fresh air – since switching to Resolution IT we’ve resolved numerous issues, gained transparency over our technology plus associated costs and set a clear vision for the future. The general consensus has been ‘why didn’t we move earlier?’ "
Matt Godfrey and Sian Staples, Owner and Director
Lince Salisbury

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