Resolution IT’s Field Clearing at the National Trust Site

23rd August 2023

Resolution IT had their annual field clearing day at the National Trust Of Guernsey site at Le Bigard in August.

Resolution IT took maintenance ownership of the field from the National Trust two years ago, and since then the team has volunteered in the late summer for an afternoon of gardening.

The main jobs include pulling up stray bracken, trimming hedges, clearing brambles and weeds that are encroaching on the space, and lifting low branches on the oak tree.

The field is a short walk from Resolution IT’s Guernsey office and can be accessed via the routes below. It’s a beautiful spot, perfect for dog walking, picnics and mindful moments. We encourage Guernsey-folk to go and enjoy it while the weather lasts!

The Google maps coordinates are:

49°25’19.9″N 2°36’18.4″W

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