Volunteering with Guernsey Conservation

9th September 2020

This past Saturday morning, a group of us supported the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers with their latest removal of sour fig from the Les Tielles area of Torteval. 

Angela Salmon, group coordinator for the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers said: ’It’s always great to welcome new volunteers who are keen to improve our natural environment. Sour fig is a non-native, invasive plant which dominates our native plants by producing a thick mat of growth. Between 2010 and 2018 sour fig on Guernsey increased by 123% despite efforts to control it. Its dominance has been at the expense of many native plants whose food source is important for a whole range of insect species. The team from Resolution IT has removed an area of fig which will help to restore the biodiversity in this particular area and we are very grateful for their help.’ 

Robin Guilbert from our Community & Environmental Committee, who helped to get a team together said: ‘We’re always keen to support the community where we can and it was a real pleasure assisting the Guernsey Conservation Volunteers. We are looking forward to seeing this stretch of the cliffs recover and support the right flora and insects to support the local environment.’ 

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