Albany Trustee, Powered by Resolution IT

Tove Barnes
13th September 2023
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Albany Trustee, Powered by Resolution IT

A Case Study Between Albany Trustee and Resolution IT

Established in 1970, Albany Trustee is an owner operated provider of fiduciary and administrative services for private and corporate clients. Albany Trustee offers an efficient and innovative service for Fiduciary, Corporate and Family Office arrangements which includes Trusts, Foundations, Partnerships and Companies. Albany Trustee pride themselves on their proactive, technically informed approach to providing bespoke structuring and long-term estate planning for High and Ultra High Net Worth individuals.

Resolution IT partnered with Albany Trustee to shift their on-premises infrastructure to Azure Cloud. The engagement began with an assessment of their infrastructure, before preparing a migration strategy and report for their board.

Albany Trustee’s IT Manager, Tim Harvey, shadowed Resolution IT’s Head of Cloud Solutions, Ollie Le Prevost, to gain hands-on experience that enables him to manage the infrastructure going forward.

At the end of this two-month project, we caught up with Tim to learn about his experience of working with Resolution IT. Here’s what he had to say.

Albany Trustee is undergoing a period of intense growth and evolution, so we knew we needed a solution that facilitated this. We had identified that it was time to migrate from onpremises
servers and dated legacy infrastructure, to a modern and secure cloud solution.

We had in mind that we wanted to use the Azure platform to host our cloud infrastructure and Azure Virtual Desktops to deliver those services to our staff, and as a leader in this
space Resolution IT was the obvious choice to partner with. Ollie has been fantastic from beginning to end. Working with him throughout the migration has been absolutely invaluable and given me a detailed understanding of the platform, more so than any training course could.

We have so many more opportunities for growth and development open to us now we’re not hamstrung by our legacy infrastructure – a problem so prevalent in the finance industry. Prior to the project, the board had identified that security was the biggest risk to the business, as is the case for many other finance companies, so it was paramount for the
project. Our cloud solution has been built from the ground up with security in mind, so we’re confident that our cyber security is in the best position it’s ever been.

Now we’ve completed the migration to Azure and the modernisation of our technology infrastructure, we have a really strong foundation to build from. We’re in a position to
realistically consider gaining the Cyber Essentials / Plus accreditations and looking beyond that to ISO 27001. Ollie was exceptionally forward-thinking with the project and built the new infrastructure to satisfy the Cyber Essentials certification requirements, saving us a lot of remedial work later down the line.

In terms of the transition itself, the go-live was really smooth. We didn’t lose any productivity on the launch week, aside from a few inevitable user qualms with switching from Mac to Windows. After some introductory training to help everyone get to grips with the new operating system, I can now say with confidence that the team are happy and have taken to the change very well.

Every member of the Resolution IT team that we worked with was approachable, friendly, and willing to go the extra mile. Our directors were very pleased with the performance of the consultants we had on-site, and I would just like to reiterate how impressed we were with Ollie’s commitment to the project.

Albany Trustee is in a fantastic position for future growth and innovation thanks to the migration. We can confidently pitch ourselves as a digital company with IT at the core of everything we do, resulting in cost-effective, secure and efficient services. Looking to the future, we’re in discussion with the Resolution IT team about our next technology goals, particularly improvements to our client experience which is well within reach now we have such strong foundations to build from.

I’d certainly recommend Resolution IT to any organisation looking to modernise their systems and set their business up for success.

Tove Barnes

As our Brand and Marketing Manager, Tove is responsible for leading marketing strategy, overseeing brand development and delivering quarterly marketing projects for Resolution IT Guernsey, Jersey and Dubai.

Tove manages the company website, social media, and external communications, as well as working closely with our partners to oversee our design, digital marketing, and advertising.

Tove’s favourite part of her job is the ability to have creative freedom, being trusted to lead work in new directions and working on big brand projects.

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