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Steve Brehaut
13th November 2019
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If you haven’t had a chance to read the latest En Voyage on an Aurigny flight, below is our latest article on customer service from our Managing Director, Steve Brehaut.

“Whilst not immediately known this side of the Atlantic, Tony Hsieh, the American internet entrepreneur and venture capitalist uttered one of the best quotes about customer service that I’ve come across: ‘customer service should not be a department. It should be the entire company.’

Since co-founding Resolution IT 12 years, Olly Duquemin and myself have always believed that this is the key to running and growing a successful business. Nailing great customer service means it starts as soon as someone walks through our doors the very first time for an interview. We absolutely need to get it right with our team if we are going to get it right for our clients. We place great importance on employing people with a range of soft skills which include a caring approach, can-do attitude and great communication skills. Hard skills can be taught but someone with the right soft skills is often harder to come by, especially somewhere like Guernsey with such a limited talent pool.

Built into our team’s quarterly objectives are qualifications they need to achieve to enable them to grow and reach their full potential with us. Many of these exams are taken off-island and staff also attend the latest vendor and industry seminars and exhibitions. It’s our aim to give our staff the tools they need to develop their roles and it’s hugely rewarding taking on people fresh from studying and watching them grow and becoming a really valuable member of the team.

So our aim has always been to run a business that empowers and supports our staff, who then empower and support our clients; it creates a virtuous and never-ending customer service cycle. And it works – staff turnover is very low, with client retention and satisfaction very high.

To offer the best customer service to our clients, it has always been important to us that we are genuinely seen as our client’s trusted adviser; being fully ingrained in our clients’ businesses. We believe we operate a very transparent and honest two-way relationship; one where we regularly seek feedback (both good and bad). We provide a monthly system status reports so clients have visibility of how their infrastructure is performing, that their devices are secure and where future investment may be required. Back at the office, we have weekly departmental meetings which will cover the servicing of our clients and at the end of every ‘ticket’ raised for a client, we ask for feedback which, on occasions, has resulted in us making changes to how we operate.

In our quarterly client meetings we’re not only dealing with the here and now, we’re also proactively suggesting new technology solutions which will allow them to make time and money savings. In the last few years especially, developments in technology have taken place at such a phenomenal speed, there are always new and better ways of streamlining business processes. It would be wrong to offer clients a one-size-fits all range of processes and products simply because we’ve always done that.

If technology can make something better, we have no qualms about changing the products if it will make a positive difference to the client. We are always pushing the boundaries to harness the real benefits of emerging technologies. And who knows what improvements Artificial Intelligence (AI) will make – that’s definitely one we’re watching.

Customer service, like any area of a business, can sometimes fall short of its ideals but it’s how you deal with those shortcomings that makes all the difference. At Resolution IT we have a genuine total commitment, both as individuals and as a business, to getting it right. One of our clients jokingly told me in passing that if he’d had a bad day, he felt the perfect pick-me-up would be to ring our Service Desk and speak to a particular member of the team as he always sounded so smiley and cheerful. Which is an apt way to end this piece. I started with a quote so I’ll end with one; this time an old Chinese proverb: ‘a man without a smiling face must not open up a shop’!

Steve Brehaut

Steve founded Resolution IT alongside Olly Duquemin and Phil Duquemin in 2007. Validated by extensive experience, Steve leads the technical direction of the company. Managing the team of highly skilled engineers, he provides strategic oversight to all IT support and services.

Steve is responsible for the operational side of the business, working alongside department heads with a focus on service delivery. Steve is also ultimately responsible for driving the direction of the business.

Steve’s favourite part of his job is working with people and facilitating their development. One of Steve’s best attributes is his ability to understand people, appreciate what makes us all different and support our unique strengths, which brings out the best in all of us.

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