Fast forward – our incredible journey over the last 10 years

Olly Duquemin
10th December 2017
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In December’s Digihub section of Business Brief magazine, Olly Duquemin, Resolution IT’s Joint Managing Director, discusses the company’s 10th anniversary and how the business has developed into one of Guernsey’s leading specialist outsource providers of innovative solutions, support and managed services.


‘Looking back on our pretty incredible journey over the last 10 years, there is one thing that strikes us here at Resolution IT – the part our clients played in it.

The reason is that when we launched we had already decided to do it differently from other IT companies. Our extensive research indicated that we could offer a service far removed from the traditional ‘give us a call when something goes wrong’ model offered elsewhere.

So the gamble we took was being able to demonstrate that moving away from the by-the-hour ‘break-fix’ service usually provided, to the fixed-fee managed services we believed was so much better, would appeal to customers schooled in the old ways.

What we found was that clients who made that transition with us very quickly realised that our proactive, 24/7 system mon¬itoring approach prevented problems from arising in the first place, so the old ‘break-fix’ service effectively became redundant for them. And because we were prepared to be different, the next phase of Resolution IT’s journey was further developing our managed service concept so that businesses could completely outsource their IT needs if they wanted to.

If that was initially a step too far, we developed a hybrid model so that businesses could use our qualified and experienced engineers and system consultants exactly how it suited them.

That could range from freeing up companies’ in-house teams for project work or at peak times, to us looking after basic IT ‘housekeeping’, freeing up their own teams for other work.

Effectively, our staff became trusted advisers and worked as part of the internal IT department and became an extension of our clients’ businesses. That also meant the operation gained access to the most up to date experience from dedicated and qualified staff who were always exposed to the latest technologies and solutions, but without the associated costs.

Well that was our vision on launch. How well it has worked in practice?

Today we have clients in financial services, insurance, hospitality, aviation, real estate, recruitment, education, professional services, and medical and public services, so you can see our approach is completely scalable and adaptable to any IT need.

More importantly, it is what clients actually want – complete IT flexibility that can enhance their own capabilities or assist when there is a big project on, to replacing in-house teams completely.

A further indication of this success is that regulators are increasingly viewing the use of a properly qualified technology partner as best practice in meeting complex compliance and regulatory requirements. Company boards in particular appreciate that additional level of comfort.

The increasing pressure on businesses to protect themselves and client data from cybercrime has been another driver on our 10-year journey. And here again, regulators recognise that outsourcing to suitably skilled and qualified providers is a defence if things should go wrong.

While we have been looking after other people’s businesses, we have also been growing our own. Resolution IT moved into purpose-built premises in 2011 to cope with our expansion, and then had to double that office space three years later.

We now have more than 25 team members here and in our Dubai office and are actively assessing further growth opportunities because demand for our managed IT approach keeps expanding.

Our immediate focus, however, is further developing the managed model we launched 10 years ago and, in particular, working with clients to further unlock productivity and efficiency gains from their IT and use of software.

Over the years we have found that our clients have grown with us and that it has enabled some of them to be bolder and more innovative in their use of IT and our services. That partnership has also helped foster a less adversarial relationship between managers and their IT departments while also up-skilling in-house teams.

The increasing use of cloud services and the frightening rise in cybercrime mean the biggest challenges for businesses in the future will be maintaining security of their systems and customer data while avoiding the risk of breaches.

In the next 10 years we expect to continue to develop along with our clients’ needs.’

Olly Duquemin

As a founding partner of Resolution IT, Olly has been fundamental in growing the business from three to over 55 in the intervening 15 years, including opening offices in Dubai. With extensive IT experience and a range of technical qualifications, he is responsible for business strategy and driving the direction and offerings of Resolution IT, including cyber security, digital transformation and cloud solutions.

Committed to making award-winning Resolution IT a great place to work with and for, Olly is passionate about great customer service, making sure his team are seen as trusted advisors who operate as an extension of their clients’ businesses.

Olly is also involved with a number of advisory roles, in particular in the charitable and educational sector and is a supportive presence in making IT an attractive and exciting career proposition for young people.

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