How Technology Can Redefine Your Reputation as CEO for Better or for Worse

Pierre Jehan
8th April 2024
IT Support

How Technology Can Redefine Your Reputation as CEO

Resolution IT’s Sales & Marketing Director, Pierre Jehan, explains the reputational impact of technology on an organisation’s CEO.

With today’s organisations running predominantly digitally, technology isn’t just a tool; it’s a reflection of leadership. For better or for worse, an organisation’s technology will influence the CEO’s reputation among colleagues, clients, shareholders, and industry peers.

The Reputational Impact of Poor Technology

From employees to shareholders, all eyes will be on the CEO should something go wrong.

According to a study by Personio, 44% of employees feel their company is slowed down by inefficient processes, excessive paperwork, and repetitive administrative jobs. Recurring issues and monotonous tasks have a serious impact on team morale and faith in the company’s leadership. Staff may begin to question why a problem is allowed to continue, or why their processes are so far behind in comparison to other organisations.

Furthermore, failing technology can impact client service, due to speed issues, downtime, or software failure. With employees citing slow or broken technology as the excuse for subpar service, clients will look to the CEO for accountability over slipping standards.

Looking externally, shareholders will also scrutinise the firm’s technology. Conversations about how the company is measuring up against its competitors may lead to doubts in the CEO’s stewardship.

Proactive Approach to Digital Transformation

So how can CEOs ensure their business is utilising technology to stay ahead? Taking a proactive and forward-thinking approach to digital transformation is vital for future-proofing any organisation.

Digital transformation, or business solutions, are projects designed to enhance a process through technology, with the aim of saving time, reducing human error, increasing profitability, and improving the client experience.

For example, changing the ways their clients consume their services for the better, creating workflows between two disparate systems, and designing integrations to allow core business applications to speak to each other.

Leading finance organisations are hot on digital transformation, with 77% of financial institutions seeing it as a critical part of business success.

From application development to automation and workflows, transformation projects signal a commitment to innovation and efficiency and can have huge impacts to productivity levels. A report by Seismic revealed that productivity and performance enhancing technology saves sales, enablement and customer service professionals an average of 13 hours per week.

By spearheading these endeavours, CEOs position their organisations as agile, future-ready, and responsive to evolving market demands.

Secure, Reliable and Fast-Acting IT Support

Investing in robust IT infrastructure is another way to boost productivity and reinforce perceptions of company leadership. Seamless operations signal to stakeholders that the CEO is proactive, forward-thinking, and capable of navigating technological challenges. An effective and attentive helpdesk will keep the team happy and productive, translating to higher standards of client service and swifter turnaround with critical projects.

You can learn more about what good IT support should look like here.

Shaping CEO Reputation Through Technology

As leaders navigate the complexities of managing a business, they must recognise the pivotal role of technology in shaping perceptions. By prioritising reliable IT support and embracing digital transformation, CEOs can not only enhance operational efficiency but also solidify their reputation as visionary leaders in their industries.

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Pierre Jehan

With 25 years in IT and over a decade at the Resolution IT, Pierre is a driving force behind its growth and success, particularly in the areas of new business sales and market expansion.

In addition to his new business responsibilities, Pierre also leads the marketing function at Resolution IT, ensuring that the company’s messaging is on point and resonating with target audiences. He is also passionate about sustainability and heads up the company’s Environment and Sustainability efforts, working to reduce its environmental impact and promote more sustainable practices.

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