Meet Sara Nasim, Resolution IT’s New Dubai Office Manager

Sara Nasim
27th June 2024
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Introducing Sara Nasim, Resolution IT Dubai’s New Office Manager.

The Resolution IT Dubai team has welcomed six new recruits to the team so far this year. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be getting to know them better! Last week, we spoke to Jordan Hall, our Dubai Business Development Manager. You can read that here.

This week, we’re getting to know Sara Nasim, our Office Manager.

Hi Sara! What’s your role at Resolution IT Dubai?

At Resolution IT Dubai, my role as Office Manager in Business Support involves a variety of administrative and organisational tasks that ensure the smooth operation of our office. A typical day includes managing paperwork, coordinating office logistics, and supporting the team with various non-technical tasks.

My main objective is to enable our technicians to focus on client support by handling the administrative responsibilities. This involves streamlining processes, managing office supplies, and facilitating communication within the team, ensuring a productive and efficient work environment.

What’s your favourite part of working at Resolution IT?

My favourite part of working at Resolution IT is definitely the warm and welcoming environment. Since I joined, everyone has been incredibly supportive and always willing to help out. I often have a lot of questions about new tasks, and my colleagues are always patient and never make me feel uncomfortable for asking. On top of that, I love how passionate everyone is about IT. It’s infectious and has made my own interest in the field grow even more. It’s really inspiring to see the team come together when a client needs support.

What did you do before working with us?

Before joining Resolution IT, I began my career in customer support and worked my way up to become the customer services/department manager in the tourism sector. While IT is a new field for me, it’s one I’m incredibly passionate about. My interest in IT grew from seeing the challenges my previous colleagues and teams faced due to inadequate IT support. Even though I don’t have formal IT training, I am deeply committed to promoting effective IT support for businesses because I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact it can have. This drive to make a difference in the IT world is what brought me to Resolution IT.

Let’s get to know you a bit better!

I’m a true homebody at heart, finding my ultimate relaxation in binge watching movies and TV shows. But when I step out, I dive headfirst into exploring Dubai with friends, seeking out hidden gems in hole-in-the-wall restaurants and soaking in all the city’s wonders.

Here’s a fascinating twist about me: I spent four years studying pre-medicine in college, on the path to becoming a doctor. However, I had a revelation—I couldn’t handle the gore that accompanies medical practice. So, I made a courageous pivot to business, where I’ve found my true happiness and passion.

On a sweeter note, I discovered a passion for baking about a year ago as a stress-reliever. There’s something magical about creating large birthday and wedding cakes for my loved ones—it fills me with immense joy. And if you see me out and about, there’s a good chance I’ll have a sweet treat tucked away in my bag, ready to satisfy anyone’s spontaneous sugar cravings!

Thank you Sara! Next week, we’ll meet Gilfred Bordallo.

Sara Nasim

Sara joined the Dubai team with over six years of experience working in sales, customer support, and administration.

In her role at Resolution IT, Sara provides admin support to the management team, greets visitors and clients, assists with renewals and procurement, and provides support to the People and Culture team.

Sara is a Bachelor’s graduate of Madonna University, USA, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Global Business from De Montfort University in Dubai.

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