Office Managers: Why IT Support Shouldn’t Be Their Job

28th May 2024
IT Support

Office Managers: Why IT Support Shouldn’t Be Their Job

Reduce overwhelm, stress and burnout with managed IT services.

It’s common for office managers to find themselves wearing multiple hats, spanning administration, facility management, procurement, and scheduling. However, one responsibility that seems to fall on their shoulders more frequently than it should, is IT support. Regardless of how technically experienced an office manager may be, expecting them to handle an organisation’s entire IT and cyber security estate is not only unfair, but counterproductive.

The Reality of Office Managers as IT Support

Picture this scenario: a printer malfunctions, an employee forgets their email password, or the Wi-Fi suddenly goes down. Who do your colleagues turn to first? For organisations without an internal IT team or IT provider, it’s often the office manager. Despite lacking formal IT training, office managers are thrust into the role of trouble-shooters, expected to resolve technical issues on the fly.

While their willingness to help is commendable, relying on office managers for IT support poses several challenges:

Distracted Focus

Juggling IT tasks alongside their primary responsibilities can lead to distraction and decreased productivity. Instead of focusing on strategic initiatives, office managers are bogged down by constant tech-related interruptions.

Limited Expertise

Office managers may possess basic IT knowledge, but they are not equipped to handle complex technical issues or cyber security threats effectively. Without specialised training, they risk overlooking critical vulnerabilities, putting the company at risk.

Increased Stress

Being the go-to person for IT support can be overwhelming, especially when coupled with other duties. The constant pressure to resolve issues quickly can take a toll on the mental well-being of office managers, leading to burnout and dissatisfaction.

The Solution: Embracing Managed Services

So, what’s the alternative? Enter managed services providers (MSPs). MSPs provide dedicated IT experts who specialise in managing and maintaining the technology infrastructure of businesses, allowing office managers to focus on their core responsibilities without the added burden of IT support.

Here’s why partnering with an MSP makes sense

Expertise on Demand

MSPs bring a wealth of expertise to the table, ranging from network administration and software updates to cyber security management. With their specialised knowledge, they can proactively identify and address IT issues before they escalate, minimising downtime and maximising efficiency.


While hiring an in-house IT team may seem like the solution, it can be costly and impractical for many businesses, especially smaller ones. MSPs offer flexible service plans tailored to the needs and budget of each organisation, providing access to enterprise-level IT support at a fraction of the cost.

Enhanced Security

Cyber security threats are on the rise, making it more crucial than ever for businesses to safeguard their data and systems. MSPs employ robust cyber security measures, such as threat monitoring, firewall management, and data encryption, to protect against cyber attacks and data breaches.

Peace of Mind

By outsourcing IT support to a trusted MSP, office managers can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their company’s technology infrastructure is in capable hands. They can focus on driving business growth and delivering exceptional service to clients, rather than troubleshooting IT issues around the clock.

In conclusion, expecting office managers to fulfil the role of IT support is a disservice to both them and the organisation. By leveraging the expertise of managed services providers, businesses can alleviate the stress and workload placed on office managers, allowing them to thrive in their respective roles. It’s time to empower office managers to focus on what they do best and leave the IT support to the professionals.

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