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14th May 2024
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We spoke to Resolution IT’s remote working UK team about how they find life away from the office

Over the last two years, Resolution IT’s fleet of remote workers has grown from zero to six. Some started out in the Guernsey office and continued working for the company after moving to the UK, and some joined Resolution IT from the UK having never been to Guernsey before.

Tove and Luke moved from Guernsey to Swansea and Newcastle in 2022. Nick followed suit in 2023, moving to Chesterfield, and Calum made the move to Wiltshire in 2024. Matt and Kyle joined the company from Doncaster and Inverness in 2023.

This means that in addition to Guernsey, Jersey and Dubai, we also have Resolution IT reps in Wales, North and South England, and Scotland!

Nick Girauld, Senior Technician

Where are you?


What helps you get through the day when working from home?

I always have the radio or music on while I work and having company from my dogs is a bonus! I also make sure to speak to people on calls rather than messaging, which makes a real difference for me.

You only moved away from Guernsey recently, how are you settling in?

I’m all settled! I’ve joined some dog walking groups to make new friends. I’ve also been trying out different golf courses to try and find a new club. We live in a lovely quiet village near to Chesterfield city, so everything we need is within reach.

How was the transition to remote working for you?

It was absolutely fine! I made sure to take enough time off to move and get everything set up, then just cracked on as normal. I definitely prefer working from home but I do miss the social aspect of spending time with teammates at lunch and during socials.

Can I see your desk?


Tove Barnes, Brand & Marketing Manager

Where are you?


You were one of the first people to work remotely for Resolution IT. How have you found the experience over the last 2 years?

I’ve loved it. I was nervous initially because apart from lockdown I’d never worked remotely before, but I got in the swing of things really quickly. I go back to Guernsey a few times a year and work from the office when I’m there, and it’s always nice to see the team in person, but overall, I’m really happy working from home. I find I’m more productive and can just get in the zone. If I don’t have any meetings scheduled, I’ll sometimes work from a café for a few hours for a change of scenery.

What do you listen to while you’re working?

BBC Radio 6 Music or podcasts

What’s your WFH uniform?

I always make an effort to get dressed into a nice outfit in the morning because it gets me in the right mindset. Plus I love clothes so putting outfits together is my favourite part of the day. No joggers allowed!

Is there a piece of technology or software that makes working from home easier for you?

Teams is a no-brainer; it’s been so important for keeping me in the loop with what’s going on at Resolution IT and staying in touch with my colleagues. I also use my Alexa every day to listen to music and my dual screen set up makes things a lot easier too.

Let’s see your work from home set up!

Calum Clark, Technician

Where are you?


You only moved recently, how are you settling in?

My partner Chloe and I have managed to get settled into the country life quite nicely. We have found many a dog walk that we can take Honey on and we have already started exploring a lot more outside the village. We are really fond of the area we have moved to.

Do you miss working in such a big in-person team?

I definitely miss certain aspects of working in-person with the team. I miss the general banter and chit chat that goes around the office and the atmosphere alongside the ability to be able to swing round in my chair and speak to someone about any difficulties I am having with a client issue, but nothing that can’t be solved by a quick Teams call/message.

Is there a piece of technology or software that makes working from home easier for you?

Teams! Teams is a godsend when you are working remotely in such a large organisation. Even when I was working in the office, Teams was such a helpful tool to have since we had colleagues that worked out in Dubai.

Do you prefer working from home or the office?

I would say that I prefer working from home purely down to the concentration and productivity side of things. I can get distracted quite easily when there is banter going on behind me so working from home is a big benefit to me. With that said, I also miss seeing people from the team which is why I proposed to my managers that I would make the effort to return to the island every 2-3 months to ensure that I remain part of the furniture!

Let’s see your home office!

Thanks guys! If you’re looking to begin working remotely, or would like to facilitate remote and hybrid work for your employees, get in touch with us. We’ll help you set up an IT infrastructure that suits your needs.

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