Meet Jordan Hall, Resolution IT’s New Dubai Business Development Manager

Jordan Hall
20th June 2024
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Resolution IT Dubai New Joiners – Introducing Jordan Hall

Resolution IT Dubai has seen record growth with seven new joiners in the first half of 2024.

This year, the Resolution IT Dubai team has grown significantly, with seven new faces on the team. From technical management to business development, our new recruits have added serious value to our company and clients.

Jordan Hall has joined as Business Development Manager, Sara Nasim as Office Manager, Mark Craig as Technical Services Manager, and Gilfred Bordallo, Kaveen De Silva, Savannah Villet and Fater Alboudi as Technicians. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be getting to know each of them a bit better.


First up, let’s meet Jordan Hall, our new Business Development Manager.

Hi Jordan, what do you get up to at Resolution IT?

My role is Business Development Manager, which means I’m responsible for bringing new clients to Resolution IT Dubai. Through several different activities, I help to raise technology awareness and the profile of the business so that we can help as many businesses as possible – including sales and marketing campaigns, networking and client entertainment events, conferences and meetings. In any given day you’ll probably find me on the phone, at a networking event, meeting a new prospective client or using LinkedIn and other online tools. I’m committed to building strong relationships with people that help Resolution IT to grow as well as support business leaders to get the most from their technology services.

What’s your favourite part of working at Resolution IT?

Collaboration. As a modern IT business, using the tools we provide to speak to colleagues and clients means engaging with our global teams is very straightforward. I love the challenge of solving problems as a team and working on projects collectively, no matter where we are. The fact that our business is growing and developing also helps me to collaborate further with people in and out of the company to support our goals.

What did you do before working here?

I worked in many tech roles, starting in mobile sales when I was 19 and working my way up to a General Manager by 24. I then moved into Regional Product Management and later Channel Partnerships for EE in the UK. I spent the following 4 years in technology SMEs helping them grow sales and productivity, from a specialist in Unified Communications and then a Telco Sales Manager. Much of my experience is in the combination of technology product knowledge, relationship building and winning new business or managing a team to do the same.

Let’s get to know you a bit better!

Fun fact number 1 – I starred as Craig Charles’ son in Red Dwarf in 1989 – look up “Future Echoes”. Unfortunately they haven’t called me back to reprise the role…

Number 2 – I love sport, I used to be a gymnast when I was a kid before moving into football in my teens. My celebration if I scored a goal was to do a backflip or two! And I’m a big Manchester United fan.

Number 3 – I spent years of my spare time in music, I wrote songs, made mixtapes and even performed in a few small shows in Manchester. I was a pretty good rapper, but becoming a father became my number 1 priority, so music has taken a back seat since then. I also love movies, mainly sci-fi or comic book genre. Growing up with Marvel, DC, Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles, I’m not surprised I love this type of films. My favourites are Inception, The Dark Knight and Avengers Infinity War.

Thanks Jordan and welcome to the team! Next week, we’ll be speaking to Sara Nasim.

Jordan Hall

Jordan joined Resolution IT as our Dubai Business Development Manager in 2024.

He studied performing arts and sociology in college, before moving into sales and leadership within the technology and communications industries. He has extensive experience helping independent businesses grow their technology sales, win more clients, and develop sales processes and strategies.

For Jordan, the best part of his job is working as part of a collaborative team and making progress towards our company goals. He enjoys seeing things come together and knowing he’s helped the business reach new milestones.

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