Resolution IT Exam Success 2023

Tove Barnes
27th April 2023
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The Resolution IT team has been working hard in 2023 to achieve new certifications and expand their skillsets.

These certifications enable them to improve their knowledge, skills, and help deliver quality services to our clients. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these certifications does.

PRINCE 2 Agile Foundation

This certification is designed to help project managers and teams deliver projects more effectively and efficiently. This exam was passed by Lars De Garis, great work Lars!

MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services and
MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security

These certifications demonstrate proficiency in deploying, configuring, and managing Microsoft 365 services. The MS-100 certification covers identity and access management, while the MS-101 certification covers mobility, security, and compliance. David Cusack got both of these, well done!

Microsoft Certified: DevOps Engineer Expert

This certification validates the skills needed to design and implement DevOps practices for application development. It covers continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure as code, monitoring, and collaboration. This certification was gained by Dave Wratten and Oliver Le Prevost, congratulations on this one guys!

Microsoft Service Adoption

This certification demonstrates expertise in driving adoption and change management for Microsoft cloud services. It covers planning for and implementing change, measuring success, and supporting user adoption. Well done to Jake Duquemin for gaining this qualification.

MITRE ATT&CK Fundamentals

This certification provides an introduction to the MITRE ATT&CK framework, which is a globally-accessible knowledge base of adversary tactics and techniques. It covers the fundamentals of the framework and how it can be used to improve threat intelligence and response. This certification was achieved by Oliver Le Prevost.

CompTIA+ A+ Core 1

This certification validates the foundational skills needed by IT professionals to support modern devices, operating systems, and software. It covers hardware, networking, mobile devices, and troubleshooting. Well done to Calum Clark, Joshua Upson and Jack Migasiuk for nailing this one!

Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900)

This certification is provides an overview of Azure cloud services and how they can be used to solve business problems. It covers cloud concepts, Azure pricing and support, and core Azure services. Ben-Hur Yutuc and Luke Williams have achieved this certification, congratulations both!

Each time a member of our team challenges themselves to gain a new certification, they’re demonstrating commitment not only to their own professional development, but to our clients in providing the best service they can. A big well done to Lars De Garis, David Cusack, Oliver Le Prevost, Dave Wratten, Jake Duquemin, Calum Clark, Josh Upson, Jack Migasiuk, Ben-Hur Yutuc and Luke Williams!

Tove Barnes

As our Brand and Marketing Manager, Tove is responsible for leading marketing strategy, overseeing brand development and delivering quarterly marketing projects for Resolution IT Guernsey and Jersey.

Tove manages the company website, social media, and external communications, as well as working closely with our partners to oversee our design, digital marketing, and advertising.

Tove’s favourite part of her job is the ability to have creative freedom, being trusted to lead work in new directions and working on big brand projects.

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