Resolution IT helps This Is EPIC to get connected in Africa

Olly Duquemin
13th November 2016
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Resolution IT helps This Is EPIC to get connected in Africa

Leading Channel Islands’ IT firm, Resolution IT, has helped us ensure our projects and operations in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are connected to the internet.

The following media release is reposted from This is EPIC. 

Resolution IT has donated five new wireless internet routers to This Is EPIC so we can continue to support rural communities and villages in both countries through its Village Savings and Loans projects (VSL) which started in 2013.

Our VSL projects are self-managed groups where members have a safe place to save their money and access small loans.

Members take out small loans to invest in income generating activities to improve household income, and, as a result, members experience significant improvements in household health, well-being, and overall quality of life.

A key part of the projects is the monitoring of each group’s financial performance covering both savings and loans. At This Is EPIC w use the Savix Management Information System for recording all the data across its groups, which can only be accessed over the internet.

Philip Smith, of This Is EPIC, said: “We’re so grateful to Resolution IT for providing these five routers for our teams to use in Uganda and the DRC. Purchasing this type of IT equipment in Africa is not cheap, so the donation makes a huge difference to us as a charity.”

Mr Smith added that a crucial part of the charity’s project monitoring and evaluation is for the in-country teams to upload the latest group data into Savix, send monthly and quarterly reports and communicate via Skype which up to now had been problematic.


Philip Smith added,

“Our teams were using old equipment that was failing frequently. Resolution IT were fantastic – they researched the best type of equipment for the Internet service in Uganda and the DRC. Our teams are now re-connected to the internet with much more reliable hardware and we now even have spares if we have any issues”

Olly Duquemin, Joint Managing Director of Resolution IT, said the company was keen to be involved.

‘Living on a small island means we all rely heavily on communication links with the outside world, so if our small contribution gets This Is EPIC connected with rural communities in Africa, then we are only to happy to help.’

Olly Duquemin

As a founding partner of Resolution IT, Olly has been fundamental in growing the business from three to over 75 in the intervening 16 years, including opening offices in Dubai and Jersey. With extensive IT experience and a range of technical qualifications, he is responsible for business strategy and driving the direction and offerings of Resolution IT, including cyber security, digital transformation and cloud solutions.

Committed to making award-winning Resolution IT a great place to work with and for, Olly is passionate about great customer service, making sure his team are seen as trusted advisors who operate as an extension of their clients’ businesses.

Olly is also involved with a number of advisory roles, in particular in the charitable and educational sector and is a supportive presence in making IT an attractive and exciting career proposition for young people.

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