Value Spotlight: Excellence

Matt Le Patourel
12th December 2021
Resolution News

Over the past year, our team at Resolution IT have been taking part in sessions to discover our values, to learn what is important to each of us as individuals. With the significant growth we’ve seen over the last few years, we thought it was important to reassess and redefine our company values, to ensure they best represent us as a whole. It was great to uncover that as a collective, the things we find most important are well aligned.

With that in mind, the new values that encapsulate Resolution IT both as a company and as a community, are as follows; Passion, Commitment, Excellence, Integrity and Respect.

We asked our Senior Leadership Team to speak on our company values. Last week, we spoke to our CEO, Olly Duquemin, about Integrity. Next up, we have our Professional Services Director, Matt Le Patourel, on what Excellence means to him.

“I’ve been with Resolution IT 13 years now, becoming a Board Director in 2015 and for me, excellence is doing the absolute best that you can do. It’s not about perfection, as perfection is getting it correct every single time which is impossible. Excellence is about continuous improvement and reviewing our work to see what could be done better; striving for excellence is never ending, it is a journey and not a destination.

This is how we really live up to our mission of providing outstanding customer service and continuing to improve for our clients. Excellence is looking back at the end of the day and knowing you’ve done the best job you could, whilst identifying any ways you could improve next time.

The last year of our involvement with working on a major digital transformation project is a good example of excellence at work. We could have stuck to the statement of works and completed our obligations. Instead, I believe we showed excellence by making sure every single user got the assistance they needed to be able to use their equipment, specific to their needs. The feedback we’ve received is that we’ve made a massive difference to the project and our level of service has been above and beyond what the client had been used to. To me, that is excellence in action. Looking at what we can do for a positive change and then delivering.

All our values are journeys; we should all aspire to them and in the case of excellence, it’s a case of looking back each time to see how you can improve, so that throughout the business we are all on our own excellence pathways.”

Matt Le Patourel

Matt is our Technical & Operations Director and has been with us for 15 years. Matt’s exceptional technical knowledge ensures a fast and effective service. He is heavily experienced in large-scale business IT infrastructure planning and implementation and providing user training for new technologies. Matt has extensive experience in larger business environments where there is a need for a more diverse and controlled environment where the computer uptime and security of the systems is relied upon by so many.

Matt’s favourite part of his job is building and maintaining relationships with clients and suppliers.

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