Values Spotlight: Respect

Steve Brehaut
23rd December 2021
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Values Spotlight: Respect

To conclude our values series, we have our Managing Director, Steve Brehaut, speaking about Respect.

We’ve reached the end of our Value Spotlight series, in which we asked our Senior Leadership Team to talk about our new company values. Our CEO, Olly Duquemin, spoke about Integrity; Senior Business Support Manager, Debbie Exall, spoke about Commitment; Director, Matt Le Patourel spoke about Excellence; Client Services Director, Pierre Jehan, spoke about Passion; and lastly, to conclude our series, we have our Managing Director, Steve Brehaut, speaking about Respect.

“As the last value to be talked about, I don’t think you can have Integrity, Excellence, Passion and Commitment without Respect.

I think it’s the lynchpin that allows us to successfully display our other values. We’re passionate about what we do but we strive to show passion that is respectful. It enables us to understand and acknowledge that we are all different in how we approach things and that those differences need to be respected. Difficult or robust conversations may need to be had, people may behave differently to how you would expect them to but you should always conduct yourself with respect.

We often work in a high pressure environment and respect is vital to allow us to successfully get through those pressure points. It’s just a very basic value that I think we’re all taught from a young age but sometimes disappears in the heat of a moment! Resolution IT is successful because of the complete diversity of strengths and talents of the team. Respect for all those different points of view and different ways of doing things is what keeps us growing as a company and is what allows us to offer the very best customer service to our clients.”

Steve Brehaut

Steve founded Resolution IT alongside Olly Duquemin and Phil Duquemin in 2007. Validated by extensive experience, Steve leads the technical direction of the company. Managing the team of highly skilled engineers, he provides strategic oversight to all IT support and services.

Steve is responsible for the operational side of the business, working alongside department heads with a focus on service delivery. Steve is also ultimately responsible for driving the direction of the business.

Steve’s favourite part of his job is working with people and facilitating their development. One of Steve’s best attributes is his ability to understand people, appreciate what makes us all different and support our unique strengths, which brings out the best in all of us.

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