85% of cyber attacks are due to human error

Teaching your team to understand the value of information and recognise suspicious or malicious activity is crucial in preventing breaches; the majority of which are caused by a simple click on a phishing email. Awareness training empowers your employees and familiarises them with the threats and vulnerabilities that can put both themselves and the organisation’s data at risk.

Cyber Awareness Training

Learn how to spot red flags

Why train up your team?


Proactive protection for your business

As the first line of defence between your organisation's data and a cyber criminal, it's vital that your employees know how to identify red flags, to stop hacking attempts at the source.

Helps meet compliancy regulations

Many cyber insurance policies and compliance regulations, including GDPR, require cyber security training for all employees.

Nurtures a culture of awareness

It's important that information security remains a hot topic in your workplace. With attacks increasing exponentially each year, it's vital that your team knows what to look out for.

Building a Culture of Cyber Awareness

Nick Robilliard, Resolution IT’s Information Security Consultant and Trainer, Covers 10 Easy Steps Toward Building a Culture of Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber attacks are a constant threat for businesses, but employee error is the number one reason that threats get introduced to a business network. A lack of cyber security awareness is generally the culprit. Whether it’s naively clicking on a phishing link, ignoring software updates, or creating weak passwords, it’s estimated that 95% of data breaches are due to human error.

The good news is, these mistakes are preventable. Building a strong culture of cyber awareness can significantly reduce your risks.

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