All-encompassing Managed Security

A virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) gives you access to qualified information security professionals who will work to ensure your assets are best protected against modern-day threats. We can establish standards and controls, advise the board, manage your security technologies and implement policies and procedures to ensure you meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

vCISO Service

360 degree cyber security

What makes our vCISO service a great solution for your business?


It saves your organisation money

Outsourcing your CISO role is a cost-effective way to gain access to the technology and expertise you need to keep your business cyber secure, without the expense of an annual wage.

Access to a wide pool of expertise

Opting for a vCISO rather than bringing in an in-house CISO means you have access to a wider pool of expert and certified professionals, who work collectively to ensure your information security is maintained.

Independent and unbiased advice

Our completely independent and unbiased advice and expertise helps your organisation meet rigorous industry standards and regulations, such as GFSC compliance.

What's included?

Regular consultancy

Consultancy in the development of your Information Security management system in line with governance standards, as well as in responding to stakeholder enquiries on your business information security to build confidence.

Governance, policies, and standards

The formation, assessment and maintenance of governance, policies and standards for Information Security across your organisation.

Evaluation, alignment, and compliancy

Compliancy with any regulatory requirements within the context of your organisation, including elements of data protection and the GFSC cyber rules.

Insights and reports

Insight into emerging threats and risks that could affect your business, assets and employees, and reporting on incidents and blocked attacks, as well as regular vulnerability scanning.

Quarterly board reports

Quarterly reports aligned to an audience of key stakeholders and leaders within your organisation, with the option of representation in meetings.

Incident response

Incident response, business continuity and disaster recovery planning, testing, and reporting. As well as information risk assessments, analysis, treatment, and impact assessments.
The cost-effective solution

Flexible, scalable and adaptable

Implementing a vCISO means businesses can rest assured that their security is being taken care of across all bases – all for a fraction of what it would cost to bring in a full-time staff member.

At a high level, vCISOs help to architect and implement the company’s security strategy. The company may still employ their own internal security staff, who work with the vCISO to execute a strategic security program and oversee larger security projects. Additionally, the vCISO can present the organisation’s state of information security to its board, executive team, auditors, or regulators. As well as being a payroll-free option, the service is flexible, scalable and easily adaptable as the business continues to grow.

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