Professional services to optimise your operations

We help your business optimise its strategy, harness new technologies and deliver projects with tailored advice, consultancy, and specialised knowledge.

Our qualified and agile Professional Services team supports the in-house IT teams of financial services and large enterprise organisations, assisting with their IT strategy, management and delivery of large-scale IT projects.

Microsoft Azure certifications earned by Resolution IT

Professional Services

Experts on hand

Artemis Fiduciary

"The major difference"

We facilitated a complete overhaul and rebuild of Artemis’ infrastructure, increasing flexibility, productivity and collaboration between team members, meaning staff could work remotely with ease.

How will our Professional Services benefit your business?


The right resource at the right time

You can forget about the hassle, expense and difficulty that comes with trying to hire someone with decades of experience in a particular process, software or system. We have all the expertise you need in-house, available to you around the clock.

All under one roof

We have a pool of more than 50 professionals in-house and an even wider network of UK professionals at our fingertips. We are well-connected with third-party vendors on island and further afield. This means working with us gives you access to everyone you need to deliver a top-tier project.

Latest technology at your fingertips

As a company, it's imperative that we're always at the cutting-edge of technology, utilising the latest and greatest solutions. Our clients can benefit from the fact that we have all of the latest training, best connections and top certifications. We're constantly evolving and improving and we take our clients with us.
Proactive resilience

Cloud Solutions and Business Continuity

Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions like Office 365 have built-in redundancy. Due to the economies of scale, large companies like Microsoft can afford to deploy thousands of cloud servers to keep services running under any disaster situation. When your company uses cloud-based applications, you benefit from the resiliency of these systems. Furthermore, if you need more control, you could use Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to build your custom software on the cloud. IaaS and PaaS can provide redundancy without heavy investments in software and hardware.

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Career opportunities

If you’re looking for your next career move and seeking opportunities offering professional development, rewards and success, then come and talk to us at Resolution IT.

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