Virtual Chief Information Officer

Our vCIO service is a flexible and proactive C-Level role that complements your existing board, providing your business with ongoing IT strategy on a scalable, ad-hoc basis.


Future-proof your IT

What makes our vCIO service a great solution for your business?


Board-level accountability

Accountability, expertise and professionalism for all your key stakeholders

Flexible and proactive

A bespoke and customisable approach to help your business succeed long-term


An affordable alternative to bringing a CIO in-house

What's included?

Relationship Management

Your vCIO will be on hand to work through any challenges, develop your technical strategy and resolve any issues that fall outside of IT support.

Technology Advice

Working alongside industry-leading vendors and partners, your vCIO will advise on the technology that’s the best fit for your business.

IT Strategy, Roadmaps and Budgets

Working with your key stakeholders, your vCIO will use their wealth of experience to ensure your IT strategy is resilient and future-proof.

The vCIO will then create a well-structured IT budget to ensure the business and technology objectives align seamlessly.

In line with your strategy and budget, a roadmap will be created and reviewed on a continuous basis.


Technology Business Reviews and Metrics

Your vCIO will conduct quarterly technology business reviews to assess the progress of our partnership and identify areas for improvement. Your vCIO will look at how your business is performing against industry standard KPIs and advise on any areas for improvement.

Using industry standards, your vCIO will work with your organisation to uplift your technology and information security practices.

Head of Professional Services, Dan Brown, explores:

What is a vCIO and does your business need one?

Put simply, a vCIO is an IT director without the hefty price tag.

Many organisations have reached the conclusion that digital transformation is a necessary step in remaining competitive, but budgetary constraints can get in the way of forming robust IT departments. As businesses shift to operating primarily online, it’s essential to have someone responsible and accountable for IT infrastructure in a C-level role. But with CIO’s costing upwards of £120,000 pa, many organisations may not have the means to bring someone in-house.

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