Case Study

St John at a glance

St John is a local charity dedicated to helping the island community. St John has been active in Guernsey for almost a century, providing emergency ambulance service, medical cover, first aid training, healthcare supplies, marine ambulance and youth development. The St John team and equipment can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

The Challenge

Increasing efficiency

St John needed a complete overhaul of their current systems and processes. From physical timesheets which had to be input manually, to a rostering system that was housed on spreadsheets, there were so many aspects to the organisation that could be improved through technology.

The Solution

Continuous Improvement

We set up St John with a Digital Transformation Retainer. This means they pay us a fixed price each month, and our team are able to develop any digital processes, solutions and projects to improve their business – all without spiralling costs. Our partnership is all about facilitating the continuous improvement of St John and its resources, processes and systems, as well as providing security and flexibility to both parties. This retainer means the St John team no longer need to worry about payments and bills, as well as helping them keep track of what’s going on and plan projects in advance, which facilitates the smooth running of their business operations.

Within this retainer, one of the applications we’ve developed for St John is a digital timesheet app, transforming an initially paper-based process and saving them a total of 4 days per month in administration hours. This application also makes it possible to access all timesheet and scheduling data in seconds, as well as preventing the risk of human error. This simple and efficient solution has absolutely transformed one of the most time-consuming and inefficient processes that was holding their team back, enabling them to put more time into the incredibly important work that they do.

“The right expertise at the right time”

  • Digital Transformation retainer
  • Bespoke application development
  • Open and transparent communication
  • Clear project roadmaps


  • Continuous improvement
  • Time-saving
  • Increased efficiency
  • Cost-effective


A previous project we worked on with St John is their subscription service, which has reduced their paperwork by a third. You can read more about that project here.

"We know the right expert is always at the other end of the phone if we need them. It’s great having that continuity. The benefit of outsourcing means we have the ability to call on the right expertise at the right time, we can always draw on the skillset that we need. "
Garry Collins, Administration and Finance Manager
St John

The team who worked on the project

Shaun Lane
Head of Business Solutions
Dave Wratten
Software Development Lead

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