Microsoft Azure

Azure Virtual Desktop is a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the cloud. You can set up a scalable and flexible environment, deploy and manage virtual desktops and assign and connect users to your virtual desktops. A cost-effective and simple solution, Azure Virtual Desktop requires no additional spend to activate.

Azure Migration Readiness Assessment

Our Azure Cloud Migration assessments will assist in aligning your business to Microsoft’s cloud adoption and well-architected frameworks.

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Cost optimisation
  • Operational excellence
  • Performance efficiency

This multi-phase assessment is for both business and technical stakeholders to understand the opportunities that Azure can provide to their business.



Phase 1 - Workshop

We will interview key stakeholders to understand requirements and current challenges.

Phase 2 - Assessment

We will implement key tools to assess and discover your current IT environment and consumption. We will write a detailed assessment report, describing what we have found, the identified suitable solutions, our recommended migration strategy and Azure resource cost estimations.

Phase 3 – Knowledge Transfer

We will present the results of the assessment to key stakeholders and any actions and next steps will be determined.

Azure Optimisation

Gain an understanding of how your Azure resources align with Microsoft’s recommended well-architected framework approach.

This multi-phase assessment is intended to review the existing Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 Services configuration and security posture to identify potential weaknesses and/or misconfigurations against known best practices.

The 5 pillars of well-architected framework


Are your workloads resilient and available?


Are your workloads aligned to modern day practices throughout their lifecycle?


Is your business receiving maximum return on investment?

Operational excellence

Are your processes automated to increase productivity and reduce human error?

Performance efficiency

Do your workloads efficiently scale to meet business demands?



Phase 1 – Interview

We will interview key stakeholders to understand key business systems and drivers and gain a high-level view of the existing environment.

Phase 2 – Assessment

Our certified technical team will carry out a review of the existing Azure resources configuration and business processes around these services.

Phase 3 – Knowledge Transfer

We will write and provide the results of the assessment to key stakeholders in the form of a report. The report will detail the alignment score out of 100 along-side suggested areas for improvement against the five-pillar WAF model.

Azure Migration

Our expert technical consultants use Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework principals to ensure a well-structured strategy is defined, a complete scope of the existing environment is completed, the migration is smooth, and the Azure environment is well optimised.



Phase 1 – Define Strategy and Objectives

We will interview key stake holders to understand your requirements and objectives in detail to ensure the migration to Azure provides value across all areas of the business.

Phase 2 – Scoping and Design

We will undertake an assessment of the existing IT environment to understand all workloads in detail to ensure we can provide a migration strategy suitable for the business, whilst optimising costs.

Phase 3 – Implement Landing Zones

We will implement core Azure services to provide the foundations for the migrated workloads. We will ensure best practices are followed and implement a common design amongst the Azure services for ease of management.

Phase 4 – Migrate Workloads to Landing Zones

We will follow the defined migration plan to migrate initial workloads into the Landing Zones for testing to ensure success.

Phase 5 – Optimisation

Once the workloads have been migrated to Azure, we will work closely with you to ensure each workload is well tested and optimised for Governance, security and cost.

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