Microsoft 365 Cloud Migration

Migrating to the Microsoft 365 cloud will give you access to a whole host of amazing tools, including familiar applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, as well as specialised tools for productivity, like To Do, Forms and Whiteboard. You’ll also get Microsoft Teams, a communication app with document storage, collaboration tools, web conferencing, team calendars and voice comms. Cloud-based file storage in OneDrive will be available for every user, with synchronised data held locally on each device.

We also offer a whole range of cloud solutions and hosted services including Exchange, managed hosting, cloud desktop, storage, cloud back up, anti-virus and more.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Solutions Partners

Experts in Microsoft 365

We’ve been a Gold Microsoft Partner since 2014 and we now hold 5 Microsoft Solutions Partner accreditations. Our team are experts in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365), which is Microsoft’s primary cloud platform for desktop applications, designed to optimise productivity, collaboration and efficiency.


Microsoft 365 Readiness Assessment

We begin any migration with a Microsoft 365 readiness assessment. This will assist in strategic migration planning, optimisation, modern work security best practice alignment and modern work practices adoption to ensure you make the most out of the world’s best productivity suite.

This multi-phase assessment is for both business and technical stakeholders to understand the opportunities that the Microsoft 365 suite can provide to their business.



Phase 1 – Workshop

We will interview key stakeholders to understand requirements and current challenges.

Phase 2 – Assessment

We will assess your existing applications, application integrations, network readiness, data structures and end user working practices to provide a detailed assessment report. This report will describe our findings and recommended migration and adoption approach of Microsoft 365 services.

Phase 3 – Knowledge Transfer

We will present the results of the assessment to key stakeholders and any actions and next steps will be determined.

Microsoft 365 Security and Configuration Audit

Businesses are rapidly adopting cloud technology to provide cost-effective, highly flexible enterprise level solutions. With this technology’s default configuration being so inherently available, this can leave doors open to be exploited by attackers.

This multi-phase assessment is intended to review the existing Azure Active Directory and Microsoft 365 Services configuration and security posture to identify potential weaknesses and/or misconfigurations against known best practices.



Phase 1 – Interview

We will interview key stakeholders to understand the reasoning behind the audit request and the intended outcome.

Phase 2 – Assessment

Our certified technical team will carry out a review of the existing configuration and security posture to outline weaknesses and/or misconfigurations alongside a severity scale.

Phase 3 – Knowledge Transfer

We will write and provide the results of the assessment to key stakeholders in the form of a report. The report will detail the severity of any potential risks found, alongside the justification for this and suggested remediation steps. The report will also detail known good/secure configuration items and provide a comparison of the businesses secure score alignment to similar organisations.

What's included in the assessment?

Security assessment

Vulnerability detection

Action plan

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