The Cloud and Covid-19

Josh Chaloner
15th February 2022

This week marks two years since the United Kingdom first went into lockdown.

Looking back to where we were at the start of 2020, the changes to our lives, both inside and outside of work, have been monumental. The pandemic has shown many businesses why cloud solutions are essential for business continuity.

Since 2020, remote and hybrid working has increased significantly. Many businesses scrambled to keep things running smoothly, despite the majority of their workforce operating from home. Companies with mature cloud systems were able to continue operations with minimal disruption, as their cloud hosted desktops were accessible from anywhere without being dependent on an on-premise server.

Throughout this period of change, Resolution IT has supported many businesses with cloud migrations, training and digital transformations.

In the first 30 days of lockdown number one, we delivered more than 20 virtual training sessions to clients about how to utilise the Microsoft 365 suite, helping them to embrace this new technology and easing the transition to home working.

Our Cloud Solutions team have facilitated multiple client cloud migrations over the last two years and our Digital Transformation team have been on hand to speed up processes and make work systems more flexible and accessible. Our Information Security team have also been busy, working to ensure our client networks are completely secure and employees are able to access work systems safely and securely.

Despite measures and restrictions easing off as we reach the tail-end of the pandemic, many businesses aren’t looking back. This way of working is definitely the ‘new normal’ for a lot of companies. Although the Covid-19 event forced the hand of many businesses, the necessary shift to cloud working has shown how beneficial this model actually is for the modern business. Multiple companies are continuing to utilise the Microsoft 365 suite and reap the full benefits of cloud technology, even now they’re back in their offices.

We’ve embraced the cloud since the beginning and have a proven history of helping clients scale their business with the cloud. Our highly qualified team help businesses to thrive in the cloud, guiding companies as they utilise the innovation, efficiency and reliability of cloud technology. Backed by the proficiency of our cloud experts using our high-end, modern technology and bolstered by our team of security professionals; we can seamlessly migrate your business to the cloud, driving down cost, facilitating scalability and significantly increasing business efficiency.

If you’re ready to begin your journey onto the cloud, get in touch with us.

Josh Chaloner

For Josh, the majority of his career has been spent working for an ISP in internet IT and security. Working within the Resolution IT Cloud Solutions team, Josh looks after the building and design of cloud-based solutions and networks. His certifications include Cisco CCNA and Azure AZ900.

Josh enjoys the challenge of a continually changing environment and the opportunity to work with the latest, most cutting-edge technologies.

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