Powering Success – The Launch of Resolution IT Jersey

Dane Bryans
5th January 2024
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Powering Success – The Launch of Resolution IT Jersey

Resolution IT’s Jersey Managing Director, Dane Bryans, reflects on the first year of Resolution IT Jersey in this Connect cover story interview.

From its humble beginnings 16 years ago, operating in its founders’ converted garage, Resolution IT has grown to employ 75 people in Guernsey, Jersey, Dubai and the UK, and supports clients in 18 financial jurisdictions worldwide. It provides all-encompassing IT support and cyber security solutions to a range of sectors, with a particular focus on the financial services, and is consistently recognised among the leading managed service providers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

At the beginning of 2023, Resolution IT launched its Jersey offering. Chris Rayner met with Resolution IT’s Jersey Managing Director, Dane Bryans, to learn about the firm’s first year on the island.

It’s only been 12 months, but it’s a good feeling to be pushing open the large gloss black front door of 5 Bond Street once again and climbing the stairs to what was the Bailiwick Express office. Quite a lot has changed, from the colour scheme and circuit board stencils on the walls, to the new kitchen for the team of five who look after clients in Jersey and around the world.

Dane joined Resolution IT to be at the helm of the company’s Jersey offering, after working for another IT provider on the island.

“Being in the Channel Islands technology space meant I was already well aware of Resolution IT. I thought the team came across as really professional and the company had a clear message and strong brand, so when I saw the role come up, I had to go for it. It was always going to be a bit of long shot, and I knew it was going to be a competitive process, but after ongoing conversations with Resolution IT’s CEO, Olly Duquemin, it was clear we shared a lot of the same values and on learning more about Resolution IT’s product and way of operating, I became even more determined to get involved in their new Jersey launch.”

As back stories go, being founded in a converted garage is reminiscent of some of the Silicon Valley brands that now dominate the tech space. The company remains independently owned and the new venture in Jersey retains an essence of that frontier start-up spirit for Dane and his growing team.

“Alongside the most important factor of knowing I would be working with a great team with a legitimately good offering, another key driver for me was the excitement at the challenge of building out a strong team and growing a business in a new market. Although we were new to Jersey, we also had the strong foundations of a well-established business. So, it’s not a start-up in the full sense, but it has that energy, drive and ambition of a small agile team that’s really enjoying the moment and looking to expand.”

Dane and his team understand that as the newcomer in Jersey, Resolution IT is a challenger in what is an extremely competitive market. But with a well-established presence in both Guernsey and Dubai, Resolution IT’s foothold in Jersey has some serious substance behind it.

“The Resolution IT team is over 75 people strong around the world. We have 50 technical people in Guernsey who are ready to support our clients, and a local team who are available to visit client site whenever needed. That makes introductory conversations a lot easier when I’m speaking to new businesses, but still, knocking on doors and trying to get the message out there has that inevitable edge to it. That said, we are a really enthusiastic team and people can feel the energy of what we’re trying to achieve here.”

Dane’s team are a versatile bunch who he says have got stuck in and work well together. Although technical ability is key, the right attitude, a focus on client service and a drive to learn are the key attributes Resolution IT looks for in its team. As it sets in motion its five-year expansion plan after a good first 12 months, there will be a need for more talented people to join the business so that, in Dane’s words, it meets the ambition of becoming one of the first names that people think of when they need IT or cyber security solutions to help their business grow.

“The people I have hired have a strong work ethic, great technical ability and receive brilliant feedback from our clients.” Dane explained. “It’s fantastic to find those who fit the mould and can add value to clients straight away. With their help, we have already won several managed service clients this year, ranging from companies with 10 users up to 250. That’s more than I could’ve dreamt of in the first 12 months.”

For a business that has been going for nearly two decades in Guernsey, it seems like an obvious question to ask why they waited until 2023 to set up in Jersey. Dane explains that the timing had to be right to meet the demand.

“Although growth has always been the aim for Resolution IT, it’s been integral that any growth happens in a sustainable way that supports the existing client base and allows the company to remain true to its values. As the business has become more established, and our clients began to span both islands as well as further afield, it made a lot of sense for us to launch a permanent Jersey base. It may well have happened sooner, but the last few years have been difficult for many businesses.”

Setting up in Jersey brought with it some of the company’s focus on the community including the popular ‘Design a Robot’ competition that has been running for some time in schools in Guernsey, and it was a pleasurable task for Dane to sift through the imaginative entries received from Jersey primary schools for the first time.

Dane is an avid reader and enjoys reading about Southeast Asian history. His interest was sparked by travelling and working in that part of the world, spending four years in Thailand initially as an English teacher, and then running company training courses. Since his toddler came along, he’s more likely to be reading The Hungry Caterpillar than delving into more challenging books that might take his mind off how his team Manchester United are doing in the Premiership.

“It’s been a bleak 10 years, but I do watch every game expecting a different result each time. I think there’s a saying around that,” he laughs.

The business services Dane and his team provide vary from running the entire IT service for SMEs to working with in-house IT teams at larger firms. They have also launched their Enterprise Professional Services Division, but this year has been a steep learning curve.

“We are adapting and learning as we move forward. Business development can be an arduous task at times, and it’s tempting to really celebrate wins and get excited. But you’ve also got to remember not to get to ahead of yourself in this really competitive market. We’ve got to keep focused on how we can improve and strive to be the best. There are a lot of companies in our industry, so it’s about focusing on the areas that set us apart. For Resolution IT, that’s exceptional customer service, going above and beyond, and acting as a proactive, all-encompassing partner to our clients.”

Managed services and the day-to-day running of IT services has been at the core of what Resolution IT has done for 16 years. But, as Dane explained, it is a constant process of refining and improving their products and services.

“It’s really easy to say, but our clients are at the heart of what we do and it’s important we listen to their requirements and understand what they are trying to achieve as a business. Technology can help them get there, but the right technology provider can really accelerate that journey. Our case studies and testimonials from happy clients are a real testament to that.”

Dane concluded “It’s been an absolute pleasure working with our amazing team and clients here in Jersey and further afield. I’m incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in our first year and I’m excited for what’s to come!”

Interviewed by Chris Rayner, Connect Jersey.

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Dane Bryans

Dane joined Resolution IT in 2023 as Managing Director for the Jersey branch of our business.

Before joining our team, Dane was a relationship manager for another Manged Service Provider, working with clients to align business objectives with their technology strategy. Prior to that, Dane worked on project and programme management for financial services firms and local government.

Whilst working as a project manager, Dane dealt with a wide range of projects such as complete website redesigns, infrastructure refreshes, implementation of core LOB applications, and O365 migrations (to name a few).

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