The Resolution IT Trainee Programme

Ryan Spicer
6th March 2024
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The Resolution IT Trainee Programme

Careers Week Interview with Ryan Spicer

At Resolution IT, we recruit trainees every year to join our Service Delivery team. These are often made up of students joining us straight from school, making this their first step into the world of work. We also have a long history of our staff transitioning from other industries including retail, hospitality and the construction industry.

We spoke to Ryan Spicer, who enrolled in Resolution IT’s trainee programme last year.

Hi Ryan, what’s your role at Resolution IT and what does your average day look like?

I’m a Technician in the Service Delivery team. When I get to the office each day, I catch up on anything that’s come in whilst I’ve been out. I check emails, review tickets and check for any responses from clients. I work through the ticket queue, getting stuck in with calling users and taking on new projects.

How have your responsibilities changed over the course of your time with the company?

As you progress further as a technician you get assigned a wider range of tickets to help out with. As I’ve gained experience, I’ve been trusted with more issues and requests and am now responsible for a larger spectrum of tasks. I am also now responsible for taking phone calls which are interesting as you never know what issue you will be facing next. I will also get the opportunity to visit our clients in person to provide support in person as well as remotely.

What are some key things you’ve learned working here?

A key thing that’s been important to learn is time management and organisation. I have to keep up with a really busy schedule so it’s vital to be organised.

I’ve also learned a lot more about technology. Before I came here, I didn’t know much about Microsoft and now I am supporting users across a really wide range of issues. It’s amazing what you pick up on the job, especially as I’m surrounded by so many tech experts who are always willing to answer questions and help me get the hang of things.

How did you find the Resolution IT trainee scheme?

It was really good! The team at Resolution IT are great and the training process is structured really well and I never felt out of my depth, or like anything was too difficult for me. My team are all so supportive and I never feel afraid to ask questions. It’s meant I’ve been able to increase confidence in my role really quickly.

What are you hoping to do next in your career?

I just want to get more qualified and see where it goes from there. Resolution IT is great for learning and development, so I definitely want to make the most of that and do all the training and certifications I can. As I get more qualifications, I’ll be able to work on more complex tickets, which in turn will help me learn a lot more. The first certification on my list is CompTIA A+, which I’ll be taking soon.

How was the adjustment going from full-time education to full-time work?

I found it quite easy to be honest, the hours aren’t too different to school and I was used to working as I had a part time job while I was studying. I’ve definitely got more responsibility now, but I do have a lot of guidance and training from the team, so it’s not like I’ve had to fend for myself. The transition has been pretty smooth for me.

Do you have any advice for school leavers looking to begin a career in IT?

Just keep on top of things. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed, but realistically, working isn’t that different from what you do in school. You’ll get support and training so there’s nothing to be scared of. In my experience, your team will be patient with you and will help guide you in your role.

If you’re not sure about what you want to study, or whether you want to go to university at all, I’d definitely recommend a trainee programme. Hands-on experience is really beneficial and a lot of employers in the Channel Islands value recruits who have spent time in the workplace. It’s also important to consider the things you’ll learn on the job. I have the opportunity to achieve great qualifications during my time at Resolution IT, that will really help me expand my skillsets and progress my career.

Thank you Ryan! If you’d like to learn more about our trainee programme at Resolution IT, you can email our People & Culture team here.

Ryan Spicer

Ryan joined Resolution IT as a Technician after a few years working at a Guernsey-based technology retailer.

As a Technician, Ryan will be assisting our clients with first-line IT issues and requests.

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