Careers Week: From Work Experience to Career

Tove Barnes
6th March 2023
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Careers Week: From Work Experience to Career

In the spirit of Careers Week, we sat down with a few members of the team who started their Resolution IT journey with a week of work experience.

We often welcome students to the team to show them the ropes, and many of the full-timers on our service desk started out with a week of work experience. It’s great to watch people begin their careers with us and transition into the world of work with a friendly and supportive team.

Joshua Upson started last September and Jack Thompson in July. Both of them joined us for a week of work experience before accepting full-time job offers as Technicians in our Service Delivery team. We asked them a couple of questions to learn about their experience so far.


Hey Josh, why did you apply for work experience with Resolution IT?

I knew IT was an area I was interested in, but before jumping into a new role I thought it was important to get a feel for the company and have some real-life experience about what the job would be like.

And what made you accept the job offer here?

After my week of work experience, I could tell Resolution IT had a great culture and strong values that aligned with who I am as a person. I was really interested to see what path this would lead me down and I knew Resolution IT offered some great career development and learning opportunities.

What new things have you learned in your time with us?

So much! I’ve definitely been upskilled a huge amount in the short time I’ve been here, with so many new technical skills under my belt. I’ve gained a lot of confidence too, even with simple things like speaking on the phone.

Do you feel at home in the team?

Absolutely, the Res team is such a great community to be part of and I feel really happy here. Everyone made me feel welcome from the offset and has been really helpful in showing me the ropes and answering all my questions.

What are your aims for the future?

This is something I’m still working out for myself. Short-term I’d love to get my CompTIA certification which is a great opportunity that Resolution IT offers. I’d also like to start getting a bit more technical, it would be great to elevate to Senior Technician or similar so I can keep learning new things and get a bit more hands-on with complex issues.

What advice would you offer to anyone in the position you were in last year, who may be in college unsure of their next steps?

My advice is to listen to what people tell you and try and take in as much knowledge as you can. Especially from people that have had experiences you’re interested in. I’d also encourage people to enjoy the time they have left at school because it’s a bit of a jump into full-time work!

Thanks Josh!

Now it’s your turn Jack! What’s your favourite part of your job here at Resolution IT?

The most rewarding factor is when you figure out a solution for a client. I love making people happy and coming to clients with a positive resolution to their issue is a great feeling.

I also definitely feel at home in the team now which is lovely, the first month was a bit tricky just because it’s such a jump from school to work, but everyone was so welcoming which really helped. I feel like I can ask questions and speak to anyone in the team, even if I don’t know them very well.

The socials have been great too and I’ve had lots of fun getting to know everyone. It’s really nice seeing everyone outside of the office and having a bit of a laugh. My time here has really flown by!

What new things have you learned?

I’ve learned so many new things! I know so much more about everything IT related – security, tickets, day-to-day issues. I think my customer relationship skills have improved hugely and I’m much better at speaking on the phone. I used to get really nervous but I’m definitely more confident now.

In my first month, when I was feeling a bit more nervous, a team mate gave me some great advice and told me it took him about 3 months before he felt confident with what he was doing. This was really reassuring to hear and I understood it takes time. I can now say that I’m well and truly confident with my role!

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

I’d certainly like to progress through the service desk and get to second or even third-line engineer. I’d also love to learn more about the cloud solutions side of things.

What advice would you give to anyone in school whose unsure what path to take?

I’d say to trust your instincts and do your research. I went with my gut feeling for this role as I knew I was interested in IT and had a really good impression of the company. I learned about Resolution IT in year 10 because someone came in to speak about the company, so that’s what made me apply for work experience here. After such a positive work experience, I knew I wanted to work here full-time, so when the job offer came in, I was quick to accept!

If you’re interested in a work experience placement with Resolution IT, email our careers team at [email protected]. You can learn more about working here on our careers page.

Tove Barnes

As our Brand and Marketing Manager, Tove is responsible for leading marketing strategy, overseeing brand development and delivering quarterly marketing projects for Resolution IT Guernsey, Jersey and Dubai.

Tove manages the company website, social media, and external communications, as well as working closely with our partners to oversee our design, digital marketing, and advertising.

Tove’s favourite part of her job is the ability to have creative freedom, being trusted to lead work in new directions and working on big brand projects.

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