Tenn Capital, Powered by Resolution IT

Pierre Jehan
Guernsey, Jersey
20th July 2023
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Tenn Capital, Powered by Resolution IT

Supporting Tenn Capital’s Growth With Great IT Support

Launched in Guernsey in 2021, Tenn Capital is a specialist provider of lending solutions, with a focus on residential property.

With unrivalled knowledge of the high-value international property, credit, structuring and advisory sectors, Tenn Capital is committed to ensuring that its clients’ transactions run smoothly. Resolution IT has been supporting Tenn Capital since its inception and played a key role in the company’s expansion into Jersey at the beginning of this year.

We spoke to Nick Diligent, the firm’s Chief Financial Officer, about the partnership between Tenn Capital and Resolution IT.

Overall, are you happy with the relationship between Tenn Capital and Resolution IT?

Absolutely. These days, there’s a million things happening and updates all the time, but the helpdesk are incredibly helpful and attentive. There’s always someone on hand to speak to, and I know they’ll follow up with a solution as quickly as they can.

The team are very patient whilst explaining things and I’m confident that no matter the issue, they will do their best to find a resolution. They’re great at following up to see if we need any more help and explain how to avoid a recurrence of the issue, which is above and beyond the simple ‘break-fix’ mentality.

Despite Resolution IT’s growth, I haven’t felt worried. I’m confident we’re still being prioritised and our needs will continue to be taken care of.

Are there any highlights to our service?

I haven’t dealt with anyone who isn’t great. Everyone brings something valuable to the table and I can speak to them naturally without worrying that I’m asking stupid questions or that something isn’t fixable. I can explain things in my own terms and trust they’ll find a swift solution.

When we acquired Oaklands Secure Lending earlier this year, Resolution IT were able to support us through a smooth and seamless transition into the Tenn Capital environment.

The whole acquisition essentially happened overnight, and it was remarkable that Resolution IT were able to step in at such short notice and ensure the whole migration ran smoothly, both in terms of the data migration and the onboarding of our new team members to the Platinum PLUS managed IT service.

Is there anything we could do to improve our service or make you happier?

I don’t think so! Everything works, response times are great, and each project is handled professionally and efficiently. The systems all work well which means as soon as a new user is set up and knows how to use their machine correctly, it’s all quite light touch.

Our business is growing at a rapid rate and things move quickly for us at Tenn Capital, so it’s essential that we have a technology partner that we can rely on – and that’s what we have with Resolution IT.

Pierre Jehan

With 25 years in IT and over a decade at the Resolution IT, Pierre is a driving force behind its growth and success, particularly in the areas of new business sales and market expansion.

In addition to his new business responsibilities, Pierre also leads the marketing function at Resolution IT, ensuring that the company’s messaging is on point and resonating with target audiences. He is also passionate about sustainability and heads up the company’s Environment and Sustainability efforts, working to reduce its environmental impact and promote more sustainable practices.

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