Resolution IT transforms St John’s subscriptions

Dave Wratten
13th November 2020
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Resolution IT transforms St John’s subscriptions

St John ambulance subscriptions can now be sorted out at any time, at any place, with immediate effect, thanks to a digital transformation project from ourselves.

We took their dated subscription service, where much of the data processing was still being done manually and transformed it into a digital offering. This is a huge improvement for the 25% of the island’s population who currently have an ambulance subscription, as well as any new subscribers.

The island’s lockdown earlier this year highlighted the need to make St John’s ambulance subscription service safely accessible. The new public-facing self-service application allows users to input and update their personal details and renew their subscription online. If they pay with a credit or debit card they are instantly covered, or they can set up a direct debit or download a cheque remittance form. And for vulnerable or elderly islanders who may not have access to digital appliances, we are currently working on a solution.

The advantages for subscribers are that they can do this on any device at any time and they have instant access to their account. For St John Ambulance it has cut down the administrative processes and time spent enormously and the data validation set up is designed to keep the data clean from a GDPR perspective.


Our Business Solutions Architect, Dave Wratten, who worked on the project said:

‘Over the last couple of month’s I worked with St John and created several web apps to provide an up to date solution for their Subscription process. This also included the Self-Service portal allowing members of the public to renew their subscription from home without having to fill out any paper forms. For the members of the public who still complete their renewal on paper we have built an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) process to extract the data from the forms. This allows the St John’s team to review the scan rather than having to manually input every renewal.

‘We build these applications with the Secure by Design principals, so security is considered from the ground up. As part of the development a security test was conducted by an independent 3rd party. They are also built to be reactive to allow seamless integration with different devices such as iPad and smart phones

‘I have really enjoyed working on this project to help St John utilise the latest technology in order to save them time to focus on delivering their service.’

Dave Wratten

Dave leads the software development arm of Resolution IT. He’s involved in every step of the process, from initial discussions with clients, to designing the solutions to solve their problems, developing the technology and then delivering the solution.

Dave’s favourite part of his role is working with clients to solve their problems using technology. As a developer, he also loves the technical, geeky side!

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