Signs it’s Time to Switch Provider

Pierre Jehan
31st May 2023
IT Support

Signs it’s Time to Switch Provider

Your choice of IT partner matters a lot more than you might think.

This decision has a direct impact on your ability to meet regulations, the well-being of your staff, and the service you’re able to deliver to your clients. The consequences of poor IT support can affect every aspect of your business, and it’s not just big IT disasters that can cause damage. Smaller, recurring issues will waste your team’s time and reduce company productivity, as well as raising employee stress, increasing security risks, and risking missed opportunities.

If you’re losing confidence in your IT provider, it may be time for a change. This article reveals how.

Why might it be time to switch provider?

  • They’re not proactive. Their service is always reactive rather than proactive. You don’t feel like you’re being prioritised and you only hear from them when things have gone wrong or they’re looking to sell something.
  • They seem disconnected from your business. Your service provider should act as an extension of your business, taking the time to understand your goals and align your IT accordingly.
  • They aren’t delivering. Tickets disappear into the abyss, you feel frustrated with wait times, the same issues keep recurring, and your service level agreements are more often missed than met.
  • They’re holding you back. Your provider isn’t continuously improving and evolving their services in line with technology developments, so you feel your own technology is slipping behind your competitors’.
  • Cyber security ‘isn’t their job’. If security isn’t a priority with your current service provider, this is an issue. Your MSP should be upfront with their security practices and inform you of any requirements from your side to ensure your business is protected.
  • No transparency and accountability. You frequently receive large, out of the blue invoices. You don’t have access to any kind of regular reporting and there’s no visibility into their services or invoicing.

How to choose your new partner

The bare minimum for an IT partner is not to do any of the above, but often forgotten or taken for granted is ensuring they’re a good fit for your business. Here’s what to look out for when exploring your options.

  • They share your values. You’ve met with this new provider and you’re getting on well. Their values align with yours and you’ve had a great impression from everyone you’ve met so far.
  • They prioritise culture. Their business has a strong and compatible culture which resonates with you. Both their team and clients are content, and their business leaders share similar qualities to your own.
  • They’re upfront with their client feedback. Many MSPs don’t provide an opportunity for feedback, and this is a bit of a red flag. Look for a trustworthy IT provider who welcomes feedback and isn’t afraid to share the results.
  • They have case studies and testimonials on their website. Happy clients are a great sign. It’s easy for businesses to say they’re good at what they do, but the real value is in what their clients think.
  • They’ve answered your questions openly and honestly. It’s important for you to know what you’re getting yourself into, so full clarity from any service provider is essential.
  • They take the time to explain what they’re doing. Instead of just taking care of tickets in the background or declaring something is ‘too complicated’ to explain, they make an effort to educate your users on what went wrong and how to avoid it in the future. The language they use isn’t patronising or exclusionary.

How to begin the transition to a new provider

If you feel you’ve found the right partner for your business, it’s time to break up with your current IT provider – and it’s not as difficult as you might think. Here are the steps you should take.

  • Check your contract for your notice period. You can review your contract alone, or with your current provider to discuss your options. Your new MSP will be happy to advise on managing this conversation as your IT advocate.
  • Inform your MSP. Before making any final decisions, speak to your current provider about the issues you’re having. If they’re not receptive to your feedback, then you can let them know you’re moving onto pastures new.
  • Leave the rest up to us.

How we can help

If you feel like it’s time to switch IT provider, our team are happy to help with no-obligation advice and support. Reach out to us for a free consultation.

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